Art For Change Trust

Art For Change Trust is an NGO set up by husband and wife team Preeya and Murali Nair, with the intention of enabling people who do not usually get access to the film medium, to have a voice. Since inception, we have worked with many national and international organizations. Some of our partners include CFBT, IWMI, Centre for Civil Society, SOS children.


International Development Enterprises (iDE) Bangladesh

International Development Enterprises (iDE) is an international nonprofit organization (currently working in 12 country programs) that harnesses the power of innovation and market forces for low-income households in the developing world, helping them access the tools and knowledge they need to increase their income.

iDE-Bangladesh (iDE-B) was the first iDE Country Program, established in 1984. Based on a comprehensive understanding of agriculture production constraints, power relations with respect to water control, and the needs and capacities of small farmers, iDE-B pioneered the development of private sector supply chains for manual irrigation treadle pumps across numerous programs, leading to a sale of 1.8 million treadle pumps over a ten-year period, making low cost irrigation a reality for smallholders all over Bangladesh. iDE-B now applies the same principles of market development to agricultural technology commercialization, irrigation systems, and water and sanitation projects; and develops public-private partnerships that utilizes the best of both sectors to create an enabling environment ultimately leading to increased productivity, capacity building and income generation among low-income households.


Nepal Forum of Environmental Journalists (NEFEJ)

NEFEJ is a leading non-governmental organization working to raise public awareness on environment and sustainable development issues. Established in 1986, NEFEJ – popularly known as Forum – has been involved in advocacy through television, radio and print journalism to bring information on environment and development to the general public and raise awareness, deliver social justice and equity, and encourage conservation at local as well as national levels. NEFEJ has created a new TV programme Samudaye ko Awaaj (Voices of the Communities) to broadcast the films produced by the men and women farmers on Nepali TV.


Rural Self Development Center (RSDC)

RSDC is a non-profit making and fully independent non-governmental organization operating in Nepal. RSDC makes interventions that are designed to enhance the capabilities of rural households to harness their potential for economic and social empowerment. The households are encouraged to become the “doer” rather than the “receiver” of development introduced by the agents from outside. Strategies are developed to locate households at the community level that are to be targeted as participants and beneficiaries of the program, even as care is also taken to maintain solidarity and cooperative spirit in the community as a whole.

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